The Dinner Singer | ABOUT
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Tod was raised in rural WA before heading to the big smoke to become a Police Officer. He played guitar and sang from the age of about 17 and at 24 moved to Vancouver Canada for two years. Whilst there he recorded his debut album “Free My Mind” with the Jimi Hendrix subsidiary family label Rece Records with Producer Henri Brown. Once back to Perth he started the band Lip Service which played for almost 10 years accross Perth in venues such as Gloucester Park NYE, Rottnest NYE, Burswood Cabaret Lounge, Burswood Grand Ballroom, countless Weddings and Hotels, Targa Rally, Rally Australia, The Big Gay Out, Convention Centre Gold Plate Awards and many, many more. The band was his musical apprenticeship, aquiring a wealth of experience but the time has come to go back to his roots and play the type of music he started out playing…