Situated in the heart of West Perth, The Brown fox is a classy, elegant and refined wedding reception venue in Perth. Located on Outram Street, overlooking an affluent streetscape, this venue blends in beautifully with the surroundings. With the room to accommodate for five separate areas, The Brown Fox can host a small or a large wedding, up to 350 people.

The lounge bar area is huge and is designed in a very homely, relaxed, urban kind of way which suits the location very much. Bicycles and old style motorbikes hang from the wall and there is an elevated lounge area with very cool paintings and nicknacks on the walls. The bar is central to the room and accessible from anywhere as it is built in a long semi circle facing every part of the room. The kitchen is sunken and out of the way, and the food is exquisite.

So, to categorize what features there are, we have:

The Balcony: which is great for casual dining and cocktail events, catering for up to 70 people.

The Cocktail Bar: Lounge, casual dining, also cocktail friendly, up to 80 people.

The Bistro: this is a raised area on the far side of the venue and is more conducive to a quieter event. Can fit 80 people for a stand up.

Private Dining Room: This is a more intimate and secluded area they use often for meetings or canapes. 40-50 stand up.

Bar Tables and Share Food: This is more a walk in feature and great for lunches and after work drinks.

The whole venue can be booked out and with all these areas available, if your guest list is up there, this venue can and will accommodate. It is a very homely feel for such a big area and is almost like the Tardis from Dr Who because as you walk in you realize just how much room there is.

A very popular venue so get in early. The location is perfect for all your guests being so central to North, East and South of Perth. Not so good for the seafood living in the west, (which they do a great job cooking), but that’s life as the apex animal.

As a musician, having played hundreds of venues, this venue does rate very highly in my scale as a hip and trendy wedding reception venue. I was surprised when walking inside for the first time just how classy this place is. The sound is very even throughout and there are plenty of places people can lounge in away from the music if needs be. Watch the video I prepared from doing a wedding there in April 2016, or pop in and have a look for yourself.

Contact them on their website at The Brown Fox or on their Facebook page The Brown Fox on Facebook.

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