Tod Woodward is undoubtedly the most awarded wedding singer in Perth. There is a good reason for this. Tod has honed his specialty to suit weddings and weddings alone. 10 years of singing, playing and DJing for nothing but weddings. Tod is a perfectionist. His songs sound just like the originals. His guitar playing is brilliant and Tods voice is often a mimic of the artist he covers, with a brilliant touch of his own style but not enough to ruin what made that song a hit. Guests are always commenting that they thought it was a CD playing.

Testimonials: Just have a look at the amount of testimonials and reviews Tod has received over the years. There has not been a single bad review in 10 years of playing weddings. If you are looking for someone to create a great atmosphere at your wedding, you must choose someone who is experienced, talented, professional and confident with what they are doing. This may cost a little extra, but it can make all the difference between your wedding being a great wedding, or just an ok one that no one will remember. Or worse, a disaster. This Perth wedding singer delivers every time.

Be it a great live performance or not, no one wants the music too loud too early at a wedding. People are socializing, talking at tables or mingling at a cocktail wedding. Tod understands he is not there as the main attraction, the bride is. Therefore, Tod understands that the volume needs to be such that it is enjoyable but not a hindrance to conversations. But when it comes to DJing, the volume can be pumped up and Tod has all the audio and lighting gear to deliver a great dancefloor experience that you might feel at a club. Equally as important is the ability to read a crowd. This is probably the most important skill of them all. Tod has seen it all. He can judge what a crowd wants just by reading the body language, expressions and the age of people on the dancefloor. These are skills that take years to perfect. This wedding DJ will have you and your guests interests at heart, rather than playing what he likes.

Tod will also collaborate with you prior to the wedding to have a more focused understanding of what is required for your wedding, and what will likely work best. Tod will also augment speeches with funny intros as speakers walk up to the mic and rimshots to help make those jokes even funnier. This is a true professional wedding DJ.

Unique points that make The Dinner Singer the best choice for you:

  • First and foremost talent. An amazing and versatile vocalist with serious skills on the guitar. Just view the countless videos online. You can’t fake that.
  • Being a perfectionist, Tod does not make mistakes and will respond to you immediately and make the process an easy, polite, friendly and enjoyable one, no matter what your requests are.
  • Over 10 years servicing approximately 60 weddings per year.
  • Tod has proved time and time again he is the best wedding singer in Perth, with 6 ABIA awards in a row.
  • Tod uses the most up to date audio, lighting, DJ, iPad and backing track technology for the optimal one-man-band performance.

If you want the best possible choice for your wedding music needs, The Dinner Singer is guaranteed to make it all you dreamed it would be. A live performance over dinner, a DJ performance when it’s time to party. All rolled into one. A 6-time award winner. No extra setups. No extra service providers to email. Guaranteed by hundreds of brides in the past. If you want the best wedding singer in Perth, the best wedding DJ in Perth, then enquire now, before someone else snaps up your wedding date.