Wedding Singer & DJ Package

Tod is both a wedding singer and DJ in Perth. Having a live singer and DJ is vital for a successful and entertaining night.

But too much of one and none of the other can get stale and boring over the course of a full wedding reception. Having an accomplished singer and musician for your event will make it classy, stylish, fun, and add an audio and visual dynamic to the room. From the moment your guests walk in, rather than having music generically coming from ‘out of nowhere’, you have a live entertainer that is creating music right then and there. This ambient mood gives something for people to not only listen to, but to watch. It’s not every day they get serenaded.

Throughout the early part of the evening, while guests are getting to know each other, mingling, eating, laughing and drinking, they are made to feel that they are somewhere special. Not a pub, or a restaurant with a playlist in the background, but in an intimate, classy venue with an entertainer who is dressed well and playing flawlessly. Not too loud so they can’t hear themselves, not too soft to feel generic. This ambient feeling is very appropriate for this situation and compliments the formalities such as official dialogue from the MC and between speeches and meal courses. It also gives your guests something to talk about!

As the night ticks along, and people are getting more comfortable with each other and perhaps a few drinks in, the mood needs to reflect that. This is where the wedding singer can lift the tempo and volume of the live music to suggest that the night is heating up a little. Maybe use a few backing tracks at this point to simulate a band situation and play some classic songs people can sing along to. Like ‘Sweet Caroline’, ‘Eagle Rock’ or ‘Horses’.

This leads into the end of speeches and the final formalities of the night such as cake cutting and first dance. This is the crucial part of the music. This is when you want a DJ. Because once the first dance is over, people are ready to hit the dancefloor.

Having just a singer at this point would feel like there is no wind in the sails, but when your singer can turn around and pump some dance music through the system, this is when you have a party going on. The house lights come down, the dancefloor lights come on, and the DJ will get your guests moving. Playing all kinds of genres to please everyone from grandparents through to the young ones.


If you simply have a Wedding DJ, you will miss out on the special mood that only a live musician can create. So if you have the choice of a musician and singer who can also DJ, then you have found the perfect package to compliment your special day with the right type of music. Most singers do not DJ, therefore if you want live and DJ music, you will have to hire two suppliers. They will have their own equipment, and logistically it will be very difficult with them loading in and out in the middle of your wedding. So consider this unique package and get the best of both worlds with The Dinner Singer (Who also DJ’s)!

Wedding & DJ Package – Enquire Now!

Reception Singer & DJ Package:

  • A live acoustic and vocal performance by Tod including a range of music from genres such as Pop – Rock – Blues – R&B – Funk – Soul – Reggae and Jazz – have a listen (song list)
  • Professional DJ service utilizing 2 DJ’s! Tod and DJ Scottie.
  • Use of P.A. system for your personal MC or any speeches.
  • We are sensitive to volume and will play at whatever level is required.
  • Top quality audio and lighting.
  • Up to 6 hours.

Ceremony & Reception Package:

  • Reception package above plus:
  • Top Quality Portable Audio System
  • Pre & Post Ceremony Music
  • Will Play Live and/or DJ any song