The Bluewater Grill is a steakhouse restaurant with function rooms located overlooking the Swan River and the city. The beauty of this is that it is in a location on top of a hill that is elevated up and over the water. Views of Perth simply do not get better, which makes this venue ideal for your wedding. It is a photographers dream to have such a stunning backdrop.

Located in Applecross, just South of the river near the Raffles hotel turnoff, this venue offers two separate rooms. The smaller of the two is perfect for a cocktail style wedding and if you book for the summer, the scenery is beautiful because the room opens up into a covered courtyard, and beyond that are beautifully manicured lawns that stretch right back overlooking the river. This is where they hold the ceremonies and pre dinner drinks. So if you have 50 -70 guests for your big day, consider this room.

The larger of the two rooms caters for more people and has a larger dance floor. Also nice for a cocktail event but big enough for a sit down reception also. The DJ can be tucked away in a small room at the edge of the main room so it’s a snug feel. There is also a large grassed area to the side of this reception room and has 180 degree views overlooking the river. All elevated high above the yachts below. Contact them on their website at Bluewater Grill or their Facebook page BWG Facebook.

Personally, I have played here many times and find the staff quite friendly. The management have been there for years and whenever this happens, you’ll find it is a smooth running affair. I am very familiar with both rooms so if you are looking for a wedding DJ in Perth, why not hire one that provides quality live music prior to the doof doof. 🙂 Tod Woodward. Wedding singer Perth.