Bridgeleigh Reception Centre is like an oasis in the desert. Out on Gnangara road seemingly in the middle of nowhere somewhere between Wanneroo and Ellenbrook, is a reception centre that beams with beautifully crafted bushland and feels like the Tardis in Dr Who. You drive in off a quiet street and then this wondorous, flowering, beautifully manicured garden greets you as you wind on down to the reception centre.

Located behind one of the rooms is the incredibly beautiful gazebo area for ceremonies. (Pictured in the Video). Very nice backdrop for stunning photographs of those essential few minutes when a couple becomes husband and wife, this area is magnificent.

There are two rooms available and they are both quite large. As you will also see in the video below, the smaller of the two rooms is a nice big area for dancing that sinks down into the dining area. It’s a warm and pleasant feeling room with a bunch of room should you want a photobooth or similar.

Bridgeleigh has been family owned and operated for the past 28 years. It has rolling greens for post ceremony photographs so it’s really an all inclusive inddor and outdoor reception centre all located on 10 acres of beautiful bushland only 20 minutes North of the city.

As a musician I find this particular reception centre nicely designed as the music can be far enough away from dining guests as to not be too loud and therefore distributes an even sounding mix accross the room. Those that want to dance can come up onto the dancefloor close to the speakers, and those that just want to chat can remain far enough away within the same room to enjoy a conversation without it being too loud. A very good design.