Cabaret Cave in Yanchep is located only 45 minutes from Perth and boasts one of the most unique themes for a wedding reception venue that you are likely to find anywhere in the world. Used in the 1930’s by the rich and famous as a social meeting place and later as a dining and social recreation room for an army hospital, now it is used specifically for wedding receptions.

Carved out of millions of years of erosion and evolution, the limestone caves are a perfect size to hold up to over 200 people for a cocktail reception and 120 for a more formal affair with seating. The lighting in the cave is a beautiful yellow orange hue and is the most amazing feeling for your guests as they first walk into the entrance. Down a bunch of stairs over a red carpet and as you hit the bottom, it opens out into a spectacular light show of incredible limestone beauty with high ceilings, (if you can call them ceilings). Shiny concrete floors and an ambience that is like no other. If you were alone in there it may feel kind of spooky but with many guests and a friendly atmosphere, it feels surreal and magical.

The service area and kitchen are located around a little corner and out of view so all you see is the reception room itself with the music located at the far corner, but viewable by almost every table. The music moves through the room at an evenly distributed level. There is plenty of room on the dance floor as the DJ or musician can be nicely tucked away leaving the dance floor open.

  • Pro’s: Only 45 min from the city.
  • A uniqueness that rivals no other.
  • Located in a picturesque national park.
  • Ceremony locations that are pure Aussie nature backdrops.
  • Cons: A little far to travel for south of the river guests but nothing too bad.

I have personally played here many times and I am always in awe of the place every time I walk in so your guests, most of which who will never have been there, will be blown away. Contact them on their website at Yanchep Inn or on their Facebook Page Yanchep Inn Facebook.

Here’s a video review I made from a recent gig there.