Rendezvous hotel boasts possibly the best views of the ocean in the city of Perth. It’s no wonder it’s called Observation City. Now being a large hotel, these guys cater for all kinds of weddings. They will cater for everything from lets say a big deal to a few guests. They can even accommodate you for a ceremony alone if it’s raining. The choice of up to 12 function rooms gives you a plethora of choices.

Overlooking the white sands and blue water of the magnificent Indian Ocean and Scarborough Beach, Rendezvous Reception rooms offer you a seaside wedding reception like no other. Booked year round, Rendezvous are a well-oiled machine when it comes to events so you can be assured that the staff and management know how to prepare for a large number of guests. This is ideally what you want when looking for a wedding reception venue in Perth, because you want professionals, not amateurs. The food is fresh and delicious, the service is friendly and accommodating, and the management keep things rolling.

Ample room for dancing, well-designed rooms acoustically. In-house speaker systems with lecterns for a problem free speech experience reaching all corners of the room. They actually sub-contract professionals to do the sound for the speeches, so if you want to save a buck or two, just ask me to supply a wireless mic for no extra charge and it’s done. (wink)

So as a wedding entertainer, I rate this venue pretty highly, given that I have only played in The Mentelle Room before, I had a look around at the other function rooms and they are just as classy. One thing to note is that even though the venue rooms are close together, there seems to be very little if any sound coming into the room from other functions being held next door. For example, when I played there, there was a full band in the next room and I didn’t hear them once, not even when it was quiet and speeches were being delivered. This can be a problem at other venues but the design of the acoustics at Rendezvous seems to have avoided this being an issue. There’s nothing worse than external noise when a groom is telling his guests what his new wife means to him. It’s an unwanted distraction. So this is a plus for this particular venue, and all in all, a very professional hotel to take care of all your wedding reception venue needs.

Check them out on their website at Rendezvous Hotel Scarborough, or on their Facebook page at Rendezvous Facebook.