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John McEnroe on Same Sex Marriage

John Mcenroe, the self appointed commissioner of tennis has a bone to pick it seems. A video has surfaced on YouTube of Mr Mcenroe having a swipe at Australian tennis legend Margaret Court. It is quite well known that Mrs Court will cast a no vote in the plebiscite on same sex marriage and John has something to say about it.


Margaret Court is Australia’s most successful tennis player of all time. Technically she holds the record for most grand slam singles titles of anyone in history, making her on paper, the greatest single player of all time. This however is very arguable because it was before the open era but nonetheless a champion.

She has recently been in the news for a very different reason and she’s not so popular this time around. Margaret is a staunch opposer of same sex marriage. A christian traditionalist who voiced her opposition on TV and has since received some harsh criticism from same sex marriage advocates. She has also been dumped as a board member of her local tennis club in Cottesloe and banned from the club.

McEnroe uses a light hearted tone in his quite funny video but his disdain is obvious.He states that given the controversy over renaming or not, Margaret Court Arena, once same sex marriage is legal in Australia, he will call his good friend Elton John, fly to Australia with him and host the biggest same sex marriage mass ceremony ever seen – wait for it – in Margaret Court Arena.

Somehow I don’t think John and Marge will be doing brunch anytime soon.