What can I say about this fantastic venue. Well, it’s simply stunning. Of all the wedding venues in the Swan Valley, Upper Reach Winery seems to have the best view overlooking their perfect lanes of moonshine makers. The venue sits on a slight gradient which props it up for an almost theatrical view of the vineyard. It also looks out to the west which avails your guests to the most stunning sunsets. Ceremonies feel like a big deal here as the bride and groom enter like royalty down the stairs and amongst the waiting guests on the lawn and then proceed to the most majestic and impressive oak tree, which is surrounded by a small boardwalk and absolutely ideal for saying ‘I do’.

The venue itself has glass walls, a balcony and an unobstructed view of this wide expanse that falls off gently into the background with that magnificent tree which feels timeless. I search for superlatives with this view because it is simply magic. To augment the magic, fairy lights illuminate the grassed area between the venue and the tree and in summer, is a balmy, beautiful area for pre-dinner drinks and can also be used as the reception area, giving your guests the freedom to take a break from the music and sounds and have a quiet drink inside.

Ok now that’s not the half of it. The food. Oh my god the food! I can sincerely say that I have been fortunate enough to eat in almost every wedding venue in Perth and beyond, and Upper Reach Winery is my absolute favourite. From the Hors d’oeuvres, to the entree and mains, to the desert, this chef (the husband and owner), is extraordinary. He has magic hands I think when it comes to food. From venues in the grandest hotels in Perth, to the most popular wineries in the South, the food here tops my list without a doubt. It’s not a mere ‘accident’, or a one off nice plate here and there, I have performed here many times and each time I have been astounded at the incredible taste this man and his team achieves. I cannot recommend any chef more highly than at Upper Reach.

Analise is the other half of this husband and wife team and she is a master of organisation. With years of experience and a calm and friendly disposition, she runs this front of house with an effortless but highly efficient manner. Nothing is too much of a problem and she just gets it done. The staff they hire are always of a friendly and courteous nature which goes a long way in providing a comfortable and pleasant experience for all guests. The room itself is not for a huge wedding, approximately 70 -80 guests I believe is the maximum. But given most weddings in Perth average that size, Upper Reach is constantly booked well in advance. Located no more than 30 minutes from the city, and in the heart of the Swan Valley, I rate this venue as a 10 out of 10. It covers every base for your wedding reception needs.