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Luke Firth – Perth Celebrant


Choosing a celebrant is not something you want to pick out of a hat. It may seem like just a simple thing to do but public speaking is an art form. While you have your Van Goghs and Michaelangelo’s, you also have your Pro Hart’s and Picasso’s. All celebrants have their own style. Some are very professional sounding with a powerful voice. Some are very laid back and create a relaxed atmosphere. While others, perhaps new to the game, can feel a little nervous and unsure about themselves which can permeate through the guests and create a little negative tension.

So in order to make sure your ceremony is going to be memorable for all the right reasons, the correct decision needs to be made when choosing a celebrant. As a wedding singer in Perth, I have met and had the pleasure of working with some of the city’s most prolific and professional marriage celebrants. As I have performed at hundreds of wedding ceremonies, most celebrants I would not remember, but there are a handful that tend to stick in my mind because I take notice of the top professionals in my industry. So it would be remiss of me if I did not share my knowledge and thoughts about these individuals so as to assist you in making a satisfactory decision when looking to hire a service for the most important day of your life.

This brings me to Luke Firth. Luke is a well known and award-winning celebrant in Perth. He possesses a very professional and classy persona and it is clear that he is a sincere and assiduous professional. Luke has a gentleness about him but at the same time is quite firm with his well projected voice which can easily quiet a chattery crowd and commands attention without sounding at all aggressive. It is also clear that he is a good man with a high moral standard. While Luke doesn’t use much humour in his delivery as others might, he does create quite a sincere feeling throughout the ceremony and you can feel that this is a significant event. Being punctual is a priority for him, as is being very sharply dressed every time I have seen him. A good looking man with a very clean cut and neat appearance, Luke is definitely one of the best celebrants in Perth.

Luke has been around for many years and has a wealth of experience as a celebrant. His knowledge of wedding gardens is vast so if you are still undecided about the perfect place to say ‘I do’, who better to ask than someone who visits them on a regular basis? I know Luke professionally, but not personally outside of the wedding industry in Perth, so while I like him, I’m also not a personal friend so I am not biased in my opinion of him. My professional opinion of Luke is of the highest quality. He is always very friendly and articulate. He has a great personality for this role, he seems to really care about the clients he works with, and I highly recommend this man as your marriage celebrant.

So in closing, my advice in choosing a celebrant would be this. Choose a handful of reputable celebrants and phone each one for a chat. You can gain a lot from this. You will get a feel for the person and what you are looking for is someone that is not wound too tight. You want a personality that is firm and confident, while being relaxed and friendly at the same time. Before agreeing I would suggest you meet face to face to consolidate your good feeling toward your number one pick from those phone conversations. Go with your instinct and you will click with someone. Make sure to ask a lot of questions and that will get the conversation flowing so you can make a judgement. Good luck in your search and enjoy not only the destination, but the journey.